Ding Dong Dash Button Setup

For this setup process, you will need a WiFi-enabled computer and your Ding Dong Dash Button. This setup guide will be referencing an email that you received after purchasing a Button.

Configuring your Button:

  1. Press and hold the button for about 5 seconds. Release when you see a blue blinking light. The Button is now in setup mode and becomes a temporary WiFi hotspot.
  2. With your computer connect to the Button's WiFi hotspot named "Button ConfigureMe - XXX" where the XXX is three random digits. The password is the last 8 case sensitive alphanumeric digits of the button's serial number (DSN) found on the back of the Button.  Example...

    Wifi Network for Button

  3. Once you are connected, click this link or copy and paste the link in a web browser tab to go to to connect your device to wifi.

    wifi connect details

  4. Select the SSID (Wifi network name) from the drop down and enter the password of the WiFi network if needed (or check off the "Open Network" box if this is an unsecured network), then click "Configure".
  5. Reconnect your computer to the Wifi network you were on before this setup.

Your Button should now be able to connect to the desired network. Try pressing your button and make sure you receive a call, text, or email action that you have setup.