About us

Ding Dong Dash is a consumer focused product that strives to make people lives better every day by making tasks as easy as pushing a button.  


Who We Are:

Founded by Mark Henderson a serial entrepreneur and tech nut. Mark created Ding Dong Dash by being its first customer solving the problem of losing his phone around the house with all the kids running around.  Mark setup the button to ring his cell phone saving time to get him back to the fun. The rest is history. 

Why We Think Ding Dong Dash is Great:

Whether you use the button to increase sales and customer retention or want to have a button to push to call your family home for dinner.  We believe in helping people make their lives easier and what is easier than pushing a button and getting the result you want. 

Where We Are Located:

Based in Manchester by the Sea on the north shore of Massachusetts.  It is a great family town on the water with a small town feel and about 40 minutes north of Boston. 

Contact information:

Questions or Inquires Email - service@dingdongdash.net

Phone - (978) 328-4466