Buttons for Business

Buttons for Business

Simple to use Wifi enabled buttons that can email, text, or make a call customized to your business needs

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Personal Use Button

Personal Use Button

Make life simple with the push of a button.

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  • Send Emails

    Engage customers by simplify the re-ordering process 

  • Send Text

    Improve response times by getting text messages straight to your phone custom to the individual button

  • Make Phone Call

    Make an automated phone call to someone or to you based on your custom needs

  • Customize

    Set up as many as you want with custom different interactions based on your needs and preference


  • Step 1: Order a Button

    Select Personal or Business Buttons Based on Your Needs, Uses, and Support.

  • Step 2: Setup Button

    Connect the Button to Wifi Through Your Dash-Board User Interface and Setup the Custom Action You Want it to Take

  • Step 3: Use the Button

    Tap Once, Twice, or Hold Down and Your Custom Interaction Will Instantly Send

See it in Action

Case Study: Assistive Technology

Case Study: Assistive Technology

Students at Perkins School for the Blind, in Watertown, MA, use Ding Dong Dash to help students with mobility challenges.

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